The Lifeguard Project increases the number of defibrillators installed in the 40 by more than one 2016%

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1.200 new defibrillators installed in the 2016 year to make a total of more than 4.000 the equipment installed by the Lifeguard Project ( since 2009 when it started its activity.

In the words of Mr. Rubén Campo, founder and general director of the Lifesaving Project, this increase has been mainly thanks to the campaigns of awareness, in particular, the Campaign of "Constants and Vitals" of the Sixth which has managed to gather almost 100.000 signatures in support of cardioprotection.

This general awareness has served to make several autonomous communities regulate the installation of defibrillators forcing certain entities to have this equipment. Even so, the forecasts for this year 2017 are even greater since the existing regulations in Basque Country, Catalonia, Andalusia and the Canary Islands has joined Asturias and the procedures have begun other Communities as the Region of Madrid.

This increase in the installation of defibrillators has been proportional to the number of lives saved, which creates more awareness in society, seeing that defibrillators really save lives. It should be remembered that in Spain every year more than 30.000 people die outside the hospital environment and if we were to have a defibrillator next to each fire extinguisher, more than 4.500 people could be saved each year.

An 20% of the new facilities of the 2016 were made thanks to the solidarity campaignsthat from the Project are disseminated to schoolsassociations o municipalitiesas Life-saving Bracelets that the Project delivers in a participation to the participants or Cardiovending, a system that by means of 5 cents of each service obtained by the collection in the  Vending machines The Project offers a comprehensive cardioprotection service, some town halls as Alcorcón have installed Cardiovending in all the facilities belonging to the consistory at no direct cost to its coffers. Mainly the rest of the installations are produced using the formula of Renting since in addition to the defibrillator, supplements are included as showcases y signagepayments and all equipment maintenance at an approximate cost of 50 Euros monthly. With each defibrillator the Project offers training in Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, something that also allows to significantly increase the number of people with this knowledge, something vital to shape the survival chain.

Among the types of places that during the 2016 have increased the presence of defibrillators are the schoolspolice vehicles,  Neighbor communities, Bus... New places that join the companiesSport centers y sport clubs that for years have been installing equipment to protect workers and athletes.

The forecast is that growth will continue in Spain at a faster pace and that in less than 5 years our country may be at the same level of cardioprotection in countries such as France, Germany or the United Kingdom, where the survival rate after cardiac arrest is much superior to our country.

During this time the Project will continue to invest in Mobile apps to join the Free APP "Lifeguard Project" for mobile phones that allows locating the nearest defibrillator, registering a defibrillator for the user, see videos of how to act in an emergency or the use of the defibrillator and call directly the 112

More information in or free phone 900 670 112