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The Lifeguard Project relaunches the "Aragon Cardioprotegida" campaign

The December 4 to the 12: 00h. there will be a News conference at the headquarters of FAMCP, with the participation of the General Director of Sports of the Government of Aragon, Félix Brocate; the president of Real Zaragoza, Christian Lapetra; the project development director, Miguel Zandundo; and the general secretary of the FAMCP, Eduardo Gallart to relaunch the campaign"Cardioprotected Aragon", which facilitates the acquisition of defibrillation devices to equip public spaces.

The main objective of the "Aragon Cardioprotegida" campaign is to increase the number of semiautomatic defibrillators in public places that can be used by non-healthcare personnel, as well as training in basic cardiopulmonary recovery techniques, in order to save a high percentage of people who go into cardiac arrest.

Every year in Spain more people than 25.000 outside the hospital environment die from cardio-respiratory stops. Many of these could be saved using a defibrillator and cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers in the first 5 minutes after cardiac arrest. For this, the creation of Cardioprotected Spaces is fundamental, which allows us to act as quickly as possible in the face of a cardiac event, which gives us many more chances of survival.

The Lifeguard Project with more than 1.300 cardiac rescue points is the main entity in the cardioprotection sector in Spain and Latin America, collaborating with the main entities of the health and safety sector, serving many of the main companies, sports clubs, City councils, hotels and educational centers of Spain.

Agreement with the Federation of Municipalities, Counties and Provinces of Aragon

Thanks to this agreement, training activities have been carried out in the different Aragonese municipalities on the Lifeguard Project, which has allowed many of them to create Cardioprotected Spaces at no cost, thanks to social campaigns such as Life-Saving Bracelets or Cardiovending or in a subsidized form in the form of rents or sales.

Aragón Cardioprotegído

Within our activities we want to take a step forward and invite all Aragonese educational centers, all Aragonese sports clubs and all Aragonese companies or private entities to join the Lifeguard Project, either by participating in our social campaigns of Lifeguard Bracelets and Cardiovending or opt for a subsidized rental of a comprehensive cardioprotection service. Everyone's involvement will create a map of rescue points that we will include in our free APP SOS-112 and in our own location maps as well as those of the Autonomous Community in order to create a Cardioprotected Community and save lives together

                                                              Campaign Summary

Life-saving Bracelets

Free delivery of wristbands to all types of entities along with posters and exhibitors

No time limit or obligation to sell, being able to stop the campaign at any time and access other products

Solidarity campaign involving parents, students, athletes and also suppliers and companies that can support by purchasing lots of wristbands.

Once obtained the collection will be exchanged for defibrillators and courses approved by the Government of Aragon


Comprehensive cardioprotection service thanks to the agreements with the vending companies who will raise a few cents each service to deliver them to the Lifeguard Project and provide a comprehensive cardioprotection service. Includes training approved by the Government of Aragon, comprehensive and safe maintenance.


Comprehensive integral service including training approved by the Government of Aragon and all maintenance and associated costs as well as insurance.


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