The University of Huelva cardioprotected

Installation of 12 defibrillators DEA DESA

The University of Huelva cardioprotected with 12 defibrillators

The cardioprotection of educational centers in Huelva continues with the installation of 12 DEA defibrillators at the University of Huelva, the cardioprotection of all university students, teachers and workers of educational centers is great news. 


Universities cardioprotected against sudden death


La University of Huelva It adds to being a cardioprotected space providing 12 fixed defibrillators in its centers and facilities such as its different faculties, maxi classrooms, university library, sports hall of the El Carmen University Campus, in the rector's office, La Merced Campus, CIDERTA Research Center In addition to having a mobile defibrillator, in the El Carmen Campus security vehicle and another in the La Rabida Campus security vehicle, to provide 24-hour coverage.

Desfibrilador DEA instalado en la Universidad de Huelva


Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the main causes of death in Spain

Cardiac arrest continues to represent a major public health problem. Every year there are more than 30.000 cardiac arrests in Spain, with a survival of 5%. Today there is no legislation that requires the installation of defibrillators. It remains a responsibility of the Autonomous Communities to legislate in this regard. It is gratifying to see that although there is no law that requires it, more and more public and private entities are installing defibrillators, cardio protecting thousands of people.

Defibrillators in educational centers save lives

Cardioprotecting a University is always great news, since they are spaces that bring together a large number of people, increasing the chances that there may be cases of someone suffering sudden cardiac arrest. The presence of AED defibrillators in schools It is a commitment to all those people who work, study or visit the academy, school or university.


Certificación homologada de desfibriladores DEA en la Universidad de Huelva


It is very important that educational centers with a large influx of people, regardless of the age of their students, are adequately prepared to be able to save a life in the event of witnessing a sudden cardiac arrest.

Anyone is susceptible to sudden cardiac arrest, and having a defibrillator nearby increases the chances of survival by up to 70%. Therefore, the existence of defibrillators in universities is synonymous with commitment to thousands of hearts, a responsibility that can save lives.

The Salvavidas Project company that installs DEA defibrillators throughout Spain

From the Lifeguard Project we continue to emphasize the importance of teaching the population how to perform a cardiac massage correctly and assist with the defibrillator whoever needs it. Before a cardiac arrest, acting in the first minutes is of vital importance to save a person's life until the emergency services arrive. 



The Salvavidas Project is the main DEA defibrillator installation company in Spain, with services of sale, rental y renting of equipment, we carry out the installation of AED defibrillators with display cabinets and columns, signaling with cardioprotection signage all the way. We offer approved training and we have an authorized technical service for all brands on the market.

For schools without resources we have the formula "Free defibrillators" with our Life-saving Bracelets.


 Adrián Martín Sánchez from the Lifeguard Project

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