The West Light Rail incorporates defibrillators in its facilities

Metro Ligero Oeste and the Salvavidas Project have installed four high-end external semi-automatic defibrillators at their facilities in order to protect users and their workers.

Metro Ligero Oeste, the concessionaire company of the two light rail lines operating in the northwest of the Community of Madrid, has incorporated four high-end external semiautomatic defibrillators, supplied by Proyecto Salvavidas. These devices have been installed in the three headers of the two lines of the Metro Ligero Oeste network, that is, in Aravaca, Puerta de Boadilla and Colonia Jardín, as well as in the workshops of the network, which ensures that both users how the workers will be cardioprotected.

Along with the installation of defibrillators, training in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and DESA (semi-automatic external defibrillator) training is being given to almost a hundred workers, because although the use of these devices is aimed at helping any non-health-care person to a victim, it seems fundamental to approach and normalize the use of these techniques among those people capable of using it to increase, not only their knowledge, but also their confidence and ability to react, so that before the possibility of use they do not feel intimidated by said apparatuses.

From Proyecto Salvavidas we celebrate the cardioprotection of this network, since it is a sign of the commitment of Metro Ligero Oeste with its users and employees.

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