What is a semiautomatic defibrillator?

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In this guide we want to talk about defibrillators. Let's show what a defibrillator is and what it is for. It is very important to know how they work, because they contribute to saving many lives every day.

Portable defibrillators are increasingly demanded and essential, especially taking into account that some 700 people average a day per die because of a heart attack.

What is a defibrillator?

We could define a defibrillator as a device capable of administering an electric shock to the heart. How? Through the chest wall. It has integrated sensors that are responsible for analyzing the heart rate of the person, as well as determine when it is necessary to proceed to defibrillation and administer the discharge at the level of intensity needed.

What is a defibrillator for?

A defibrillator is able to restore the normal heart rate to a patient who has just suffered a heart attack (or sudden death).

Taking into account that 500-1000 die every day due to a heart attack, it is important not only to train health professionals, but also for companies to have one for what might happen. They can help save many lives.

New generation portable defibrillators are increasingly in demand. These portable models (current) allow that in an emergency, more people can be treated by means of a defibrillator.

It is essential that medical and health care teams are equipped with defibrillators to immediately assist patients who are suffering from a heart attack, because in these cases, time is a determining factor.

How does a defibrillator work?

Let's say that a defibrillator can not use it, there are approved training courses to become an expert and we recommend putting it into practice for its correct execution.

Defibrillators work in a simple way, but what they get is very big. They analyze the heart rate of the patient, through adhesive electrodes, and are able to restore it to normal levels. The computer sends a warning to the operator, about the possible discharge and the precise moment.

At the moment in which the device emits a signal, the professional will execute the download. The defibrillator can administer this electrical shock to the heart.