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Sudden death

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3 Sudden deaths of young athletes in the last 7 days reopen the debate on the Obligation to have defibrillators

A young 16 years old basketball player in Benidorm and two young footballers from 21 and 32 years from Aragon and Galicia have died while practicing their sports in the last 7 days.

In the words of Rubén Campo, Founder of the Lifeguard Project  and expert in defibrillators, one of the main problems in the fight against sudden death is how little aware the population is about it because in Spain it is still thought that dying of sudden death is inevitable when, really, using a defibrillator in the first 5 minutes after a cardiac arrest and doing resuscitation maneuvers, we greatly increase the chances of survival, in many cases above the 60%.

In Spain we have less than 10 defibrillators in neighboring countries such as France where knowledge in resuscitation in the non-health population is much higher than ours, due to many factors, in addition to the low awareness of the general population, the situation of having a different regulation in each autonomous community, which prevents the growth of cardioprotection in Spain to be faster.

From the Lifeguard Project we continue to launch awareness campaigns that are often supported by different institutions, but really in Spain we lack institutional support from the corresponding ministry, something that we have achieved in other countries where we are present as Peru or Colombia.



The fight against sudden death is available to everyone

Our efforts today are focused on the largest number of institutions and companies participating in our social campaigns, which get cardioproteger institutions such as life-saving Bracelets that we send free and daily to hundreds of places or the Cardiovending that is increasingly being developed in companies and town halls. Both campaigns have no cost for participating entities because they are supported in solidarity with either the sale of bracelets or with the coffees that are taken in the vending machines.





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