Soccer Campus with defibrillators DEA DESA

The Marc Bartra football campus cardioprotected with Zoll defibrillators

The holidays start and with them the "summer sports camps". That is why today we visited the Marc Bartra football campus in Catalonia, which will be open during the month of July.

The Campus Marc Bartra cardioprotected with defibrillators

On summer sports camps, girls and boys perform physical activity acquiring values ​​of a healthy lifestyle. The Marc Bartra Campus is a sports camp cardioprotected with defibrillators, with which to act effectively in a cardiac emergency. Do not forget that sudden cardiac arrest can affect anyone and does not distinguish ages. Some sudden cardiac arrest in children can be due to congenital heart disease or to strokes called commotio cordis (less frequent).

Marc Bartra wanted to show all his support to the initiative of the Lifeguard Project, which consists of cardioproteger soccer clubs and other facilities where sports activities are practiced. The soccer player is very sensitive to cardioprotection, and knows first-hand the important role a DEA DESA defibrillator plays in sports centers.

Cardioprotected soccer fields with life-saving bracelets

It is important to make people aware of the importance of knowing how to act in the first minutes, in the face of a cardiac arrest we must act quickly and perform the CPR resuscitation maneuvers, which are accompanied by the use of the defibrillator. Learning the resuscitation maneuvers is essential, adults can learn even the smallest of the house.

Marc Bartra base football club
Base football club directed by Marc & Eric Bartra

Marc Bartra has shown his interest and support for the solidarity campaign of Life-saving Bracelets so that those entities with low economic resources can get a FREE defibrillator, including training for the use of the defibrillator.

The life-saving project is the main cardioprotection entity in Spain with more than 13.000 defibrillators installed for rent and sale carrying out awareness campaigns against sudden death in schools and sports clubs with life-saving bracelets.

Marc Bartra football camp, values, respect and companionship

From Proyecto Salvavidas we want to congratulate Marc Bartra and his team, for their magnificent work in endowing the kids with values, promoting respect, integration, companionship and responsibility, all through a sport as beautiful as football, we want to give them Thanks for your support in promoting public access to early defibrillation.

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Marc Bartra football campus cardioprotected with Zoll defibrillators
Cardioprotection of summer camps, Marc Bartra football campus

If your football campus or sports center is not cardioprotected with a defibrillator, do not hesitate to contact us and together we will look for the right formula for the cardioprotection of sports facilities.

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