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Clint Eastwood

First Aid

Clint Eastwood saves a life thanks to first aid

The American actor of 83 years. saved the life of a person who dined with him by applying the Heimlich maneuver. 

A heroic act by Clint Eastwood, this time off the screen, saved the life of Steve John, manager of a golf tournament in California, at a gala dinner where John and the popular actor shared a table.

"I saw that look that people have when their lives run out," Eastwood said. Steve John had choked on a piece of cheese and Clint Eastwood decided to intervene. It was placed behind the victim and performed the Heimlich maneuver three times until he got the foreign body out of his mouth.

"Clint saved my life" admitted Steve John, "I knew exactly what to do." Later, Eastwood recognized that it was the first time he had done this technique with someone, although theI had previously practiced.

If, like Clint Eastwood, you want to be able to save someone's life with a foreign body airway obstruction (OVACE) remember:

  • First of all we have to distinguish if the obstruction is incomplete (the victim may cough, breathe, speak) or Assessment (the victim is unable to breathe).
  • If the obstruction is incomplete we should only Encourage the person to cough. This is important because if we hit him in the back we can mobilize that object that is partially obstructing the airway and obstructing it completely.
  • If the obstruction is complete we will start with five interscapular strokes and then five abdominal compressions (known as the Heimlich maneuver)
  • If at any time the victim becomes unconscious, he should notify the 112 and initiate CPR.

As you can see, there are four simple steps that, if performed properly, can save lives, just like the octogenarian actor did. In this video you will find a clearer summary of how to act before an OVACE.

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