Colexio Bouza Brey cardioprotected

Initiative to install a defibrillator in the Colexio Bouza Brey with bracelets in solidarity

The ANPA of the Colexio Bouza Brey committed to the welfare, safety and health of their children, teachers, families and workers of the school, with an initiative with "SalvaVidas bracelets" to install an external defibrillator at school and become a cardioprotected educational center.

The Colexio Bouza Brey begins the second stage of obtaining a free external defibrillator with our SalvaVidas bracelets

The Anpica del Colexio Bouza Brey from Vigo continues with enthusiasm the Life-saving Bracelets campaign to obtain an external defibrillator for the school. Last October at the Colexio Bouza Brey located in the Galician city of Vigo, began the second stage of this beautiful project to cardioproteger the school with SalvaVidas bracelets, giving another great boost to this fantastic initiative.

The Colexio Bouza Brey committed to the welfare, safety and health of their children, families and teachers who during the school hours are present in the school, decided to have our Lifeguard Project to provide the school with a defibrillator externally completely free with our solidarity bracelets.

This modality to acquire an external defibrillator through the solidarity of the community has been applauded by the parents of the students, celebrated by the neighbors of the city of Vigo, who also collaborate together, getting their life-saving bracelets, to make possible this great challenge: public access to early defibrillation in schools and day care centers.

From the SalvaVidas Project we want to give a lot of encouragement to all and all parents, students, teachers, family, workers, friends and merchants of the city of Vigo!

Colexio Bouza Brey

Street, Rúa San Xoán, 167, 36206 Vigo, Pontevedra

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