Teacher training in basic life support

CPR and use of the AED defibrillator

The San Francisco de Asís school cardioprotected with our Lifeguard bracelets

On September 6 the San Francisco de Asís school in Ciudad Real, installed a defibrillator in its vicinity and 7 of its teachers received training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Thanks to the sale of our solidarity bracelets You can already say that your school is a cardioprotected space. The Colegio San Francisco de Asís, in Ciudad Real, is a Center that is part of the educational project that the Franciscan Sisters Daughters of Mercy carry out in seven schools, six on the island of Mallorca and one in Ciudad Real.

This school has taught its students and students since 1959, with the mission of educating, developing an atmosphere of interiority, solidarity, authenticity, justice, kindness, tenderness and communication around children. 

Why cardioprotect your school with AED defibrillators and CPR training?

cardiac arrest sudden or also call sudden cardiac death It is a sudden loss of consciousness and pulse, caused by an unexpected failure of the heart's ability to pump blood to the brain and the rest of the body. 

In schools where there is a large influx of children, teachers and workers, it is vitally important to have them installed in the center AED defibrillators, since when a cardiac arrest, we must act as quickly as possible, since the first 5 minutes after a cardiorespiratory arrest occurs are crucial for the survival of the victim. 

Children and youth No. they are exempt from cardiac arrest since anyone can be affected. Therefore, having an AED or AED defibrillator coupled with training in basic vital support of the teaching staff, offers an effective cardio safety against sudden death in the little ones.


How to get a free defibrillator for your school:

  1. Participation in the Kukuxumusu 3 Euro life bracelet campaign. Download the bracelet catalog
  • No cost for the center or the AMPA
  • Without advancing any amount
  • No obligations since you can return the wristbands and obtain alternative products and there is no deadline
  • With instructions, posters, exhibitors and all our help to carry out the campaign.
  1. Rent for those centers that cannot participate. Learn more here!.
  • Comprehensive cardioprotection service with a price without comparison.
  1. Comprehensive maintenance for those centers that already have a defibrillator.
  • Including free certification of Cardioprotected Space
  • With the possibility of training retraining


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