The Mesón de la Dolores de Calatayud is already a cardioprotected space

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Mesón Dolores Calatayud cardioseguro

El Mesón La Dolores de Calatayud cardioprotected hotel restaurant

El Meson La Dolores de Calatayud It is already a cardioprotected space, the hotel and restaurant have a DEA DESA defibrillator for the cardioprotection of clients, workers and visitors of the Mesón. The human staff of Mesón de la Dolores has already started the course to learn CPR resuscitation maneuvers and the use of the defibrillator.

The Mesón de la Dolores de Calatayud has installed an automatic external defibrillator at the entrance of its hotel - restaurant. This project has been promoted by the Network of Hospederías de Aragón and placed in the eight hostels of the community of Aragón. The cardioprotection system offers more security to all users of these facilities with hotel and restaurant.

This electronic device will make it possible to diagnose and treat sudden cardiorespiratory arrest, for this the staff of the Mesón de la Dolores is being trained in CPR resuscitation maneuvers and the use of DEA DESA defibrillators, all of this to be able to respond more effectively to a medical emergency situation that customers and employees may suffer.


Hotel and restaurant with DEA ​​defibrillators in Calatayud


More and more public and private buildings have defibrillators in Spain. These devices facilitate a rapid response to cardiorespiratory arrest, a very frequent pathology that produces an average of 30.000 arrests per year in the country.

The Lifeguard Project is a defibrillator company endorsed and validated by the Government of Aragon to cardioprotect companies and entities, we carry out the training for the staff of the Mesón de la Dolores and carry out the maintenance of the defibrillator. We carry out recycling courses in Basic Life Support with CPR and management of defibrillators for company personnel.

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