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The town Casas de Juan Núñez (Albacete) joins the Lifeguard Project

The population of Houses of Juan Núñez, located in the province of Albacete, (Castilla - La Mancha), is a picturesque and beautiful place, which combines nature with history and fun.

It has some interesting places to visit as they are:

- Losa Honda. Pond that for its rocky ground is able to accumulate water during all the time of the year. There are others such as the Tío Moyano pond and the Cerro la Cueva ponds smaller than the Losa Honda.

- Cave houses in Neighborhoods of San Pedro and Azaña. Although the origin of the caves is not clear, it is possible that they began digging during the first centuries of Arab domination on the peninsula. They had to build massively as a house from the sixteenth century when Muslims and Jews were expelled from their homes after the conquest of the kingdom of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs in the Guadix region. After the conflict of the Civil War, the construction and the cession of use by the City Council were more potentiated so that the most humble people could have access to a roof; people lived in the caves and also used them to grow mushrooms.

- Due to its geographical location, Casas de Juan Núñez is an ideal place to start the Tourist Route of the Júcar Valley, with places as picturesque as Jorquera or Alcalá del Júcar, as well as the breathtaking views that the Ribera del Júcar offers us.

Besides being a place to relax, have fun and learn about its history, it is also a responsible population, which wants to ensure the health of its inhabitants and visitors, which is why the City Council of Casas de Juan Núñez, joins the Project Lifeguards, looking cardioproteger your locality. To support him, go to the Town Hall and collaborate buying solidarity bracelets for only 3 €, remember that together we save lives!

If you want more information about the municipality Casas de Juan Núñez enter your website.

Do you want to be part of the Lifeguard Project and cardioprotect your facilities, do not hesitate to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on the 91 1250500 phone.

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