Afanias Group cardioprotecting hearts with defibrillators.

In AFANIAS, they have been protecting people with intellectual disabilities and their families for more than 50 for years. Now also the cardioprotegen.

World Heart Day CPR and Defibrillators

Tomorrow, 29 September, World Heart Day is celebrated to become aware of the importance of preventing and acting on diseases and heart ailments. In Europe a Cardiorespiratory Stop (PCR) occurs every 45 seconds for different reasons. In Spain each 20 minutes and a significant percentage occurs outside health centers, such as at home, on the street, in offices, sports centers, public transport or even in restaurants ... Most are witnessed, which means we could act if let's know how. The prevalence in adults is much higher, but unfortunately the PCR does not understand the age and AFANIAS is aware of this situation. That is why cardioprotege their activities, their children, their families, their colleagues and their workers with defibrillators and training through the Lifesaving Project, a social initiative.

Afanias trains its staff in CPR techniques and use of the Defibrillator.

Anyone can do cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) maneuvers and save a life only with their hands. They are simple and very necessary to keep alive a person who has suffered a PCR, until the arrival of emergency teams, and can be performed by adults and children. Automated external defibrillators (AEDs), like the ones AFANIAS has in its facilities, are the definitive solution for a large percentage of PCRs. Its handling is basic and very safe, it only needs a small training. In addition, the DEA brand ZOLL are at the forefront of cardioprotection, with technical features that make it even easier and more comfortable to use by anyone in the case of adult or pediatric PCR.

The Lifeguard Project is present throughout our national geography and also consists of a service cardiovending of Life-saving Bracelets for those who wish to protect their business, association, school, sports club, town hall.

Today, World Heart Day, the Lifeguard Project together with the AFANIAS Group join us in this celebration so that everyone understands the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and knowing how to act in the face of a PCR.

Lifeguard Defibrillator Project

This project, referring to national and international level, aims to raise awareness among people outside the health sector of the importance of having a healthier life, the need to learn techniques of resuscitation and first aid and to implement more semiautomatic defibrillators. In Spain there are already thousands of defibrillators installed by Proyecto Salvavidas in companies, educational and sports centers, cultural spaces, public places ... However, much work remains to be done, such as improving public access to defibrillators.

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