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A company that cardio protects its workers, customers, visitors and family

Impernor and Asbitra Asociados SL cardioprotected with DESA defibrillators

Impernor y Asbitra Asociados, SL It is a company belonging to the construction, civil works and industry sector, specialized in the commercialization and installation of products and systems of waterproofing and insulation.


Impernor Asbitra & Lifeguard Project united against sudden cardiorespiratory arrests

Impernor and Asbitra Asociados, SL are specialists in the installation of waterproofing and insulation products and systems in buildings and facilities, a company that guarantees the proper functioning and health of large projects such as the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, BBVA Headquarters or T4 Adolfo Suarez Barajas Airport.

Hand in hand with the Lifeguard Project, the main cardioprotection company in Spain with more than 13.000 defibrillators installed, Impernor and Asbitra Asociados, SL will be a benchmark of cardio protection in the field of waterproofing and insulation of structures and buildings.

Last July 31 took a further leap in quality in its corporate social responsibility policies by increasing self-protection measures in its workers, customers, visitors and suppliers, by installing semi-automatic defibrillators next to the Lifeguard Project.

In Impernor and Asbitra Asociados, SL have opted for access to early defibrillation with the acquisition of two defibrillation devices. On the one hand, in their offices they have installed the Zoll AED Plus, the only defibrillator that is used for all types of cardiac stops, both defibrillable and non-defibrillable. The Zoll defibrillator incorporates a sensor that can measure in real time the depth of the compressions that the rescuer is making, to ensure that the compressions are effective reaching the 5 / 6 cm depth according to the ILCOR 2015 international resuscitation guides.

On the other hand, they will have the model of Samaritan Pad defibrillator as a mobile team in its large-scale works. This defibrillator analyzes the patient's heart and decides whether or not to defibrate, which means that any non-specialist can use it.


Defibrillators in construction companies, cardiosecure works 


Due to the nature of worksites and construction spaces, workers run a high risk of suffering, among other work accidents, injuries, falls, a heart attack or even being electrocuted, since the construction industry is one of the most common work activities. physically demanding, where people can get to work.

Excessive tension exerted on the body compared to a lower-risk office work environment could ultimately result in sudden cardiac arrest. Therefore, it is extremely important for construction and construction spaces to have portable defibrillators available for the entire work, portable DESA defibrillators for use in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest at any point in the work.

As we know, it is essential that employees at a construction site wear high visibility helmets and jackets for their own protection. We also believe that DEA defibrillators are essential for investing in the lives of all workers in the work, increasing their protection to give everyone peace of mind.

The spaces under construction are not always easily accessible, which can increase the reaction time of the emergency medical personnel who go to the victim's place, a medical and critical scene in a space under construction with lots of obstacles, scaffolding , stairs, etc., increases the time of arrival and ultimately reduces the chances of survival of the victim.

After 10 minutes, the survival rate is zero. Taking into account that the response time of the emergency medical teams can reach 10 minutes, the best survival option for the victim is the intervention of the workmates themselves.

In order to reduce the reaction time since a sudden cardiac arrest occurs, Impernor Asbitra installs DEA DESA defibrillators in large-scale works. Training their workers so they can assist their colleagues in the event of suffering a cardiac arrest.


Easy-to-use defibrillators for construction and construction companies 


Defibrillators for construction companies are very easy to use devices, designed so that anyone can follow the instructions provided by the defibrillator itself during the resuscitation process. The DEA DESA defibrillator can analyze the victim's heart rhythm and report whether or not an electric shock is necessary for defibrillation.


Basic life support training for construction workers

However, the training to know how to correctly perform CPR maneuvers and know how to use the DEA defibrillator beforehand, it is highly recommended to train all workers in CPR and use of defibrillators, a practical course in which to learn how to react to a situation of cardiac emergency, where every second counts it is vital to have workers trained in SVB with CPR and defibrillator use.

It is important to remember that without assistance with effective CPR and defibrillation, a victim of sudden cardiac arrest has very little chance of survival.


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Our congratulations to Impernor Asbitra for joining in this fight to eradicate sudden death in Spain since having access to a defibrillator and knowing how to use it multiplies the chances of survival before a cardiac arrest

For more information about our defibrillators ideal for construction companies, contact the Lifeguard Project team by calling 900 670 112. Alternatively, you can connect through our chat, a member of our team will be happy to assist you.


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