Defibrillator installation in San Martín de Trevejo

Cardio protection of the towns of Cáceres

Installation of defibrillator in San Martín de Trevejo Cáceres

Proyecto Salvavidas has carried out the installation of a semi-automatic external defibrillator in the San Martín de Trevejo City Council, in the province of Cáceres.

El San Martín de Trevejo City Council, in addition to cardio protecting its citizens, it has decided to install the defibrillator outside the building located in the central area of ​​the town, to give public access to all residents and tourists of its use in case of emergency.

Defibrillator installer performing tasks


Cardio villages protected with defibrillators from the Lifeguard Project

Decisions like these to install defibrillators in rural populations save lives and help us continue to offer cardio protection to everyone, it is important in tourist sites with a large influx of visitors to have defibrillators available to anyone, devices capable of reversing a cardiorespiratory arrest.

The location of the defibrillator must be located in the most central area of ​​the town, a location where it covers the largest resident population, taking into account the climatic conditions throughout the year, all to ensure its perfect conservation and operation.

Each population has peculiar characteristics, so a detailed study of the best location for the AED defibrillator must be carried out.

The signaling is another important point when it comes to locating the defibrillator quickly and effectively, the reaction time is decisive for the survival of the victim in the event of a sudden death episode. 


Is your town or municipality cardioprotected with defibrillators?

Find out how to get it! 

En Lifeguard Project We offer all the facilities to install an external defibrillator in those populations that do not have resources for the purchase.

Cardio villages protected with AED defibrillators

From our company we make available to all city councils in Spain our Life-saving bracelets for defibrillators, a modality to acquire a defibrillator without economic investment, relying on the solidarity of the population, merchants, citizens, schools, sports clubs and swimming pools, an endless number of public spaces.   

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