The Barbantia de Boiro cardioprotected Cafeteria

Zoll AED 3 defibrillator the most advanced AED on the market

The Barbantia de Boiro Cafeteria installs a Zoll AED 3 defibrillator

La Barbantia cafeteria located in the Concello de Boiro (La Coruña) installs a Zoll AED3 defibrillator for the cardiosecurity of its customers, visitors and employees.

Barbantia Cafeteria installs the best defibrillator on the market, the Defibrillator Zoll AED 3It is a state-of-the-art defibrillator with all CPR aids capable of analyzing the quality of chest compressions and guiding the rescuer in cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers; a defibrillation device for children and adults with the push of a button.

Barbantia de Boiro Cafeteria cardioprotected space

La training in BLS and CPR of the cafeteria staff close the circle of the chain of survival, thus ensuring prompt action in the event of sudden death. Not only will customers and cafeteria staff be cardioprotected, but also passers-by and citizens of Boiro who are near the Barbantia Cafeteria.

Without a doubt, it is the ideal place to have breakfast and coffee, or to celebrate any special occasion with the peace of mind of knowing that it is a cardioprotected space against sudden death, with the most advanced defibrillator on the market.

With this initiative, the Barbantia Cafeteria in Boiro takes another step in its recognition as a reference in restoration / tourism, and from now on, it becomes a cardioprotected space for and by the health of all its customers and visitors.


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