The Diputación de Cáceres delivers 227 defibrillators

The Diputación de Cáceres delivers 227 defibrillators managed by Proyecto Salvavidas.

The most frequent causes of cardiorespiratory arrest in adults are ventricular fibrillation whose fundamental treatment in cardiopulmonary resuscitation is electrical defibrillation. In these situations, the immediate availability of technical means, defibrillators, are essential to successfully address the resuscitation maneuvers, with the support of health emergencies ensuring continuity of care.

227 defibrialdores for cardioproteger Cáceres.

The Diputación de Cáceres delivers 227 defibrillators managed by Proyecto Salvavidas. With the delivery of defibrillators is intended to have a more cardioprotegida province, this measure will help save lives because the delivery of these devices is a way to prevent and eradicate sudden death. Mayors and mayors of the province of Cáceres have received the defibrillator hands of the President of the Diputación de Cáceres, accompanied by the President of the Extremeña Society of Cardiology, José Javier Gómez Barrado who has also been present and our commercial advisor Borja Rodríguez. A total of 215 fixed defibrillators and mobile 12 that will be destined to the local police of the town halls.

Defibrillators that save lives, Cáceres Cardioprotected Territory.

In the face of sudden cardiac arrest, it is vital to act quickly. Implementing early defibrillation programs in the municipalities of Cáceres along with the training of its citizens will be the key to success in eradicating sudden death.

For this reason the deputation of Caceres has allocated funds for the provision of semiautomatic defibrillators. In this way, the services provided in terms of prevention, care and health care to citizens can be provided.

To geolocalize the defibrillators found in Caceres and throughout Extremadura, we invite you to see them in our app SOS-112

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Lifeguard Project leading company in cardioprotection defibrillators.

The deputation of Cáceres has chosen us to carry out this great project of cardioprotection. In AnekS3 Lifeguard Project we have extensive experience in resuscitation, offering a wide range of defibrillators and approved training in all communities in Spain. In addition, we take care of registering and registering defibrillators and offer our maintenance service.

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