The Diputación de Castellón will activate 200 defibrillators and will train 2.000 people

The Provincial Council of Castellón and Proyecto Salvavidas are already coordinating the program 'Castellón, cardioprotegido territory' to be one of the best cardi-protected territories in Spain.

It is a program for fight sudden death and offer the citizens of the whole province an immediate and effective resource such as the defibrillator to respond in the short term to a cardiac incidence so that the deadlines can never be an impediment

Remember that semiautomatic external defibrillators are medical devices for the restoration of an electrical and mechanically effective heart rate in the event of ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia in the absence of a pulse, which may occur to any person at any time.

Proyecto Salvavidas is proud to announce that it is committed to offering populations in the settlements where the defibrillators are installed a complete training that will last for a month so that a certain number of neighbors know the operation of the equipment and can use it if necessary .

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Matías Soria

Training Department ANEK S3

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