The National Police is cardioprotected with the Lifeguard Project

The National Police has been cardioprotected with the Lifeguard Project and is that, 40 Police Stations and Spanish Police Centers are already cardioprotected and have semi-automatic defibrillators, as well as a correct installation and signaling according to the regulations set by the Spanish Society of Medicine SEMST.

Within the signed agreement has included the training of almost 500 agents in Spain who will also be authorized to use the defibrillator based on the legislation of the autonomous community to which they belong.

These equipment, which are already available in centers of the peninsula, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, have long-lasting batteries and comprehensive maintenance and are arranged in approved cabinets and official signage and algorithm of the Lifeguard Project.

The equipment is totally portable and can be transferred urgently to a cardio respiratory stop in the area, likewise and thanks to the cardioprotection project the number of agents that is enabled for the use of these equipment has grown and is expected to grow in the future much more trying that the greater number of agents has this accreditation.

The Anek S3 Lifeguard Project is an entity accredited by all the autonomous communities and the sole certifying entity of Cardioprotected Spaces by the Spanish Society of Medicine SEMST. The Project has self-financing campaigns so that any entity can be cardioprotected without cost, from educational centers and town halls to companies.

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