New training - Bleeding control

Set of steps that we must perform in the face of a large hemorrhage, increases the victim's chances of survival while also minimizing possible sequelae.

"Bleeding Control" its bleeding control origins.

This protocol or process of "Control of Bleeding", has its origin in the USA, where in 2013 after the damage occurred with an active shooter in the School of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, a consensus was established to treat a protocol of performance before mass events with damage by active shooter. It was then that the Hartford Consensus was created, the sharing by means of the security forces and bodies, and the health services of what were the recommendations for action against this type of calamities. They are born here as the first protocols of attention before what we now call "Control of Bleeding".

Who can perform a "Bleed Control"?

Not necessarily a first "control of bleeding" should be performed by emergency services, as in our country. A first intervener or an eyewitness to an accident may be able to perform these maneuvers following four simple steps that give reliability and guarantee to these maneuvers.

Fortunately, in our country, the culture of the first intervener in "Control of Bleeding" is also beginning to be inculcated, as it happened years ago with the first participants in SVB (Basic Life Support). But unlike the American continent, we are years behind in this culture, it is also true that we do not have as many terrorist acts or as an active shooter in the US, pioneers in this type of attention.

The origin of "Control of Bleeding in Spain, is also accompanied by the recent events of recent years, where terrorist attacks have increased considerably. Criminal acts, which unfortunately also generate multiple victims in need of a "Control of Bleeding", fact, which has meant the entry of this type of protocols in the European continent, and that more and more people request this type of training.

Course on Hemorrhage Control

Why do I need this training?

The educational program focuses on:

  • The immediate response to bleeding
  • The recognition of bleeding that puts life at risk.
  • The proper ways to stop bleeding.

Areas of application:

  • Domestic injuries
  • Car accidents
  • Work-related injuries
  • Massive shootings
  • Terrorist attacks.

We provide this training throughout Spain and we have all the teaching material so that the practices are most fruitful for the student.

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