New Basic Life Support Course + Defibrillator

Course aimed at health personnel and the general population. 

Our courses are endorsed by the main scientific societies and all the Autonomous Communities.

We teach courses in all types of companies and institutions and also in Open Classroom, so that you can choose to be Instructor

Among our clients are the main mutual insurance companies, prevention companies, security companies, regional governments. Tailor-made courses in your facilities that include the use of the defibrillator card.

Basic Life Support and defibrillator management

The aim is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a first attention of cardiac arrest until the arrival of specialized teams.

Approved in all the autonomous communities and required for the use of the defibrillator in almost all of them. You can do it in an open classroom in any of the courses programmed throughout the national territory.



PDF Of The Course Video of the Course Courses for Companies Open Classroom Courses

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