Aragon defibrillator regulations

New decree regulating the use of defibrillators in Aragón

The new decree in Aragón that regulates the use of semiautomatic defibrillators outside of the health field, marks the obligation to have defibrillators in large areas, schools and educational centers, train and bus stations, including spaces with a large number of people.

Unlike the previous regulations, this time not only recommends the installation of defibrillators, but it also regulates the spaces in which a defibrillator will be required.

Aragón has a new regulation for public defibrillators

Aragón has a new standard that regulates the use and installation of public defibrillators, in this new regulation requires to install public defibrillators in shopping centers and large commercial areas with more 2.500 square meters, is required to install defibrillators at the airport, train stations and buses located in towns with more than 25.000 inhabitants, compulsory DEA in schools and schools, leisure centers, sports areas and swimming pools with more than 300 capacity people, obligation to install defibrillators in companies and work spaces with more than 250 workers, geriatric residences with more than 200 beds and hotels over 100, norm that forces defibrillators to be placed in vehicles of the local police.

Obligation to conduct training for the use of defibrillators by non-health personnel

Of course, they continue to regulate the need to train and conduct courses on the use of defibrillators, with the entities accredited by the community of Aragón providing these training. As a novelty, they incorporate the figure of the Technician in Health Emergencies as another of the exemptions to the need to have such training with the previously exempt figures (doctors and nurses).

In addition, they add in the regulation the possibility of carrying out, under telephone supervision of emergency personnel, the putting into operation of the defibrillators by untrained personnel in the event that no person prepared for this purpose is present.

Aragón simplifies defibrillation registration procedures and enables connection to 112

The procedures for the discharge of defibrillators are also streamlined and simplified and other situations are regulated, such as having these devices on public roads, public transport, or the possibility of connecting them to the 112 emergency center.

With this new regulation of the use of defibrillators in non-healthcare spaces, the current regulations are intended to be adapted to the current situation, improving access to these devices in cases of cardiorespiratory arrest to ensure the longest possible survival in such circumstances.

Darío Alcolea Moreno
Commercial technical advisor of the Aragón Salvavidas Project
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