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Lifeguard Project cardioprotege the Swimming Crossing of the Island of La Palma

The 17 step in September took place on 3ª Edition of the Swimming Crossing of the Island of La Palma, a non-competitive swimming test where swimming is proposed from 1 km to 20 km, reaching Real New Nautical Club of Santa Cruz de La Palma by Marina La Palma.

This time the test was joined by more than 400 swimmers in the different modalities, also counting, in the distance of 1 km, with the swimmers of the mini-crossing aimed at children between 7 to 13 years old, in which they also participated Functional Diversity Swimmers thanks to the collaboration of the Special Children Association of La Palma (NEP), 

And as always, from Proyecto Salvavidas we wanted to protect the event because a sporting event of this nature must always have a defibrillator to be able to attend to any setback.

Outstanding figures of sport as David Meca, first in the 20 km test with a shorter time of 5 hours 55 minutes, wanted to get closer to know the Lifeguard Project, Being very interested in our Bracelet Project.

The rest of the audience and participants also wanted to show their support for the project by leaving us with an endearing snapshot.

We remind you that, from Proyecto Salvavidas we want to collaborate so that all theSports events can have cardioprotection while they take place, yielding for free for the duration of one or more defibrillators. Do not hesitate to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call free 900 670 112.

Thank you all!

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