Lifeguard Project best health promoting entity awards Orange

Award received for "Best health promoting entity", collected by the Founder of the Salvavidas Project, Mr. Rubén Campos.

The past 13 of April we have attended the celebration annual for Prevention of occupational hazards (PRL) organized by Orange where we have recognized our good practices for the promotion of occupational health and measures in prevention of occupational risks and health. Every year in Spain 30.000 people die due to cardiac arrest and act with a defibrillator in the first five minutes increases up to an 70% the chances of survival.

Lifeguard Project best health promoting entity

The award received was specifically "Best Health Promotion Entity", which has been collected by the Founder of the Project, Mr. Rubén Campos. Lifeguard Project after ten years of work he has installed more than 9.000 defibrillators and is the main entity for the creation of Cardioprotected Spaces in Spain.In addition, at Proyecto Salvavidadas we have been training the workers of numerous public and private institutions for years how to act in the first minutes after a cardiac arrest activating the survival chain.

The survival chain consists of 4 links:

1.Recognize the cardiac arrest and call the 112

2.Start cardiac massage

3.Make use of a defibrillator

4.The arrival of the health service and subsequent health care.

Company of Cardioprotection with Defibrillators of last generation.

With all confidence, we can say that we have one of the best defibrillators in the market. Our defibrillators will not only advise the download if indicated, but they will also show you how to carry out quality heart massage thanks to its feeding system. The international ILCOR guidelines recommend compressing the 5 to 6 cm in the center, for non-sanitary personnel it is difficult to calculate these measures, which is why our defibrillators incorporate a feedback system that indicates to the user if he has to compress harder to reach those 5 to 6 cm.

Defibrillators with voice message in real time.

If the user manages to reach those 5 to 6 cm the defibrillator will say via a voice message "good compressions" as an indication that he is doing well. On a practical level, this is a help that is very much appreciated, since many times the user "erroneously" thinks that it can harm the victim who is already in cardiac arrest and does not compress with enough force.

Achieve "quality compressions", that is, getting the center of the chest to sink a few 5 to 6 cm is really important because it favors the blood circulation for the rest of the body, "pumping" the blood through the vital organs such as the brain and heart. Keep in mind that if blood does not circulate through the brain Starting from 3 minutes irreversible brain damage begin to occur.

Quality compressions increase survival rates, which is why we believe that the CPR help offered by our defibrillators is a great advantage over other defibrillators in the market.

The Cardioprotection Company that offers the connection kit to the 112.

Proyecto salvavidas is a cargo and protection company that also offers the connection service to the 112. We must not forget to always warn the 112 because the sooner we let us know before it will arrive.

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If you are interested in acquiring a defibrillator do not hesitate to consult with our specialists to have the correct advice through our website or on the phone 911 25 05 00

A big hug Lifeguard!

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