A defibrillator saves the life of a young man in Alcorcón

A defibrillator of the Lifeguard Project located in a sports hall in Alcorcón and the quick performance of the sports monitors saved the life of Ángel Lázaro, a young man from 26 years.

Every year in Spain more than 25.000 people die of sudden death in Spain, the rapid performance with a defibrillator and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation could save more than 4.500 lives each year.

The Lifeguard Project with more than 2.500 installed defibrillators is the main reference of cardioprotection in Spain, many of these teams have been installed thanks to solidarity campaigns that are organized in schools, associations, town halls and companies. Alcorcón thanks to these campaigns is one of the most cardioprotected municipalities in Spain and in the coming dates it will double the number of teams thanks to the Cardio Vending campaign, a pioneering initiative of the lifeguard project that manages to install cardioprotected spaces at no cost to companies and town halls, thanks to the consumptions in the vending machines and to the operating companies that collaborate in a disinterested way with the life saving project, allocating a few cents of each consumption to the own project. All the facilities of the Project are certified as Cardioprotected Spaces by the Spanish Society of Medicine SEMST.

The September 16 Angel collapsed suddenly, today we can talk to him and he explains what happened that day.

Lifeguard Project: What do you remember of that day?

Ángel Lázaro: From that day I do not remember anything and from previous days either.

PS: Have you noticed anything before, did you know if you had any heart disease?

What I noticed was that he was much more tired in training, but he attributed it to fatigue, exhaustion. I did not have any heart disease.

PS: And when did you wake up they told you?

AL: When I woke up after a few days (I do not know exactly how many) the cardiologist and my sister told me what happened. That training I had a stop.

PS: Now how are you?

AL: Now I feel good. I have continued with my "normal" life and recovery has been quick and satisfactory.

PS: Did you know how a defibrillator works?

AL: If I know how the defibrillator works. I am a pool lifeguard and swimming instructor, there they showed us how to use it and how to use it.

PS: Did you know that the sports center had one?

AL: Yes, I had seen that the sports center had one in the room.

PS: After suffering this mishap, what do you think of the defibrillators?

AL: My opinion can not be other than this saves lives, and I think that everyone has to have the duty to know how to use it.

PS: Your sister is a cardiologist, I imagine she will have explained to you what happened and how these teams work?

AL: Yes, my sister and I have talked about this, but aside from what I said before I already knew him and I know how important these teams are.

PS: What would you like people and institutions to know about cardioprotection?

AL: That a mishap like this can happen to anyone. I am a healthy person that I like very much the sport and the activities outdoors.

We are not free from what can happen, and if you have the misfortune that happens to us, devices like these and the tireless struggle of a person who knows how to use it saves your life

Do you want to cardioprotect your spaces? comunicate with us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on the 91 1250500 phone.

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