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Cardioprotected meters, a necessity

We explain in detail the Cardioprotection project for Metro Madrid

Cardiac arrest in Spain

30.000 cardiac stops in Spain per year. Irreversible brain damage occurs after 3-4 minutes without doing anything. Performing quality CPR increases the chances of survival up to 4 times. In addition, if defibrillation is achieved with a defibrillator in the first 3 minutes, there is more than 80% chance of survival.

Keep in mind that, on average, an ambulance takes 8-11 minutes to arrive at the scene.


Considerations for cardioprotecting a subway station

  1. There should be a defibrillator available less than 5 minutes from any point in the station.
  2. Station personnel need to be trained in CPR and use of the DEA, with courses approved by the Ministry of Health.
  3. Defibrillators must be approved with CE marking and registered in AEMPS.
  4. The location of this device must be correctly marked and in a perfect state of maintenance.



All persons using the station must quickly recognize that the station is equipped with a defibrillator.


ZOLL AED 3 defibrillator, the solution for all heart stops

It is important to equip the stations with defibrillators that serve us for all cardiac arrests (defibrillable and non-defibrillable).

For this reason, the perfect device is the Zoll AED 3. This defibrillator has the following features:

  • Real help to the CPR: it has a sensor that indicates the depth of the compressions in real time and warns us of their quality. Guiding us if it is necessary to perform the compressions with greater force.
  • Universal adult / pediatric electrode: The same patch serves both adult and pediatric patient. Simply press a button to indicate that it is a pediatric patient.


A thorough maintenance is a guarantee to save a life

There are many cases of defibrillators without proper maintenance. This makes the devices totally unusable, with the consequent dangers / penalties. 

Our maintenance service in Metro is characterized by:

  • Face-to-face audit once a year and certification of Cardio Protected Space, ensuring successful inspection.
  • Civil Liability Insurance of 10 million euros.
  • Substitution defibrillator delivery in case of use.
  • Extraction of the clinical event in case of use.
  • Signaling replacement.
  • Expiration Control
  • Change of electrodes and batteries before use or expiration.
  • Equipment and cabin cleaning.


Metro Madrid has the Cardio Protected Space certificate

In this video, José Carlos Galindo Ortega "Directorate of Security and Civil Protection" of Metro Madrid, talks about the Cardioprotection project in this public transport, considered one of the most efficient in Europe.





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