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Some examples of success stories

Comprehensive cardioprotection service at IES Clot del Moro

The cardiovascular problems of two students led the IES Clot community to acquire the equipment through life-saving bracelets.

Life Bracelets with the Godella Civil Protection Brigade

The Civil Protection Brigade of Godella, has participated with our solidarity project to get a defibrillator. His mission was to get 600 solidarity bracelets.

Public defibrillator in Aínsa Sobrarbe with Life Wristbands

The first days had a great reception, they managed to sell 80 bracelets and not only that, but they got the awareness of all the people, all joining this initiative.

Defibrillator for VRAC Cheese Entrepinares & Cetransa El Salvador

The two main rugby clubs in Valladolid, the VRAC Quesos Entrepinares and Cetransa El Salvador, have wanted to collaborate together to get a free semi-automatic defibrillator, which is indicated for use by non-health personnel.

Defibrillator for the Carrión football school

The Carrión football school, joined the solidarity initiative, "Life Bracelets", to obtain a defibrillator without cost. It is a soccer school, where more than 50 students, boys and girls between 4 and 11 years, practice this activity. In these spaces where sports are practiced by people included in these ages, it is essential to have cardioprotection systems, to act in case of any emergency. Congratulations on becoming a cardioprotected space!


Defibrillator for the IES Lauretum de Espartinas

The IES Lauretum de Espartinas, a town in the province of Seville. It becomes a cardioprotected space thanks to its participation in life bracelets.

Defibrillator for the Otañes Neighborhood Board

Thanks to the sale of our life bracelets, the residents of Otañes, got a minimum and regulatory training according to Cantabria regulations.

Defibrillator for the Nazareth College of Oviedo

They put them on sale for € 3 in the school secretary, and thanks to everyone's participation, they got their “Cardio Protected Space” identification.

Fernando Torres sponsors the 'Lifeguard Bracelets' campaign

More than 5.000 students from Madrid educational centers attended a match thanks to the sale of bracelets.

Meseguer and Lucas join the Lifeguard Bracelets campaign

The players Silvia Meseguer and Lucas Hernández, join the solidarity campaign "Life Bracelets". The intention is to raise awareness of the importance of defibrillators and their ability to reduce deaths that occur annually due to cardiac arrest.

Defibrillator IES Juan Bosco de Alcázar de San Juan in Ciudad Real

The IES Juan Bosco de Alcázar de San Juan in Ciudad Real, became a cardioprotected space thanks to the sale by 3 € of our life bracelets. 

The Leo Messi Foundation collaborates to cardioprotect schools in Barcelona

The Leo Messi Foundation wanted to collaborate with us to protect the educational centers of Barcelona and its surroundings. It was in this way, create Cardioprotected Spaces in most educational centers of the city.

The “Javi Martínez” football campus cardioprotected with Lifeguard Bracelets

The “Javi Martínez” football Campus joined our solidarity project to fight sudden death. Life bracelets were arranged for sale among those attending the campus, donating all the money for the supply of defibrillators.

The Cervantes College of Lugo cardioprotected with Life Wristbands

Colegio Cervantes de Lugo joined our initiative, and this had a great impact on the media. In this case, it became visible in La Voz de Galicia. His goal was to acquire an AED for his center.

The Group of Civil Protection Volunteers of Cantalejo obtains a defibrillator

The Association of Civil Protection Volunteers of Cantalejo sought our help to install two semi-automatic defibrillators in the sports and leisure areas of the municipality.

The Magellan IES obtains a defibrillator with Life Wristbands

The IES Magallanes, through its students of the health emergency cycle together with the Health Promoting School, wanted to collaborate with us to cardioprotect its center.

The Immaculate College of Lugo cardioprotected with Life Wristbands

The Immaculate College of Lugo, learned of the importance of having this type of equipment in its center, and wanted to launch our project to turn its educational center into a Cardio Protected Space.

Casar de Cáceres cardioprotegida with Lifeguard Bracelets

The town of Casar de Cáceres wanted to participate in this project. More specifically, it all started with a young man from 22 years, who saw in our project, an opportunity to help his neighbors.

San Andres and Sauces cardioprotected with Life Wristbands

The town hall of the Villa and City of San Andrés y Sauces made the Life Wristbands available to its neighbors and visitors, an initiative through which they sought to obtain a semi-automatic defibrillator at no cost.

The Brotherhoods of Angustias Soledad and the Sweet Name of Jesus Nazarene cardioprotected with Life Wristbands

The Brotherhoods of Angustias and Soledad and the Sweet Name of Jesús Nazareno seek to make the Chapel of Santa Nonia, a cardiosecure place. For this reason they contacted us to purchase lifeguards, which allow you to get a free defibrillator.

The Group of Civil Protection Volunteers of Benalmadena cardioprotected with Life Wristbands

The Association of Civil Protection Volunteers of Benalmádena, wanted to get the DESA defibrillator free of charge by selling € 3 of our solidarity bracelets. They needed to improve their material resources and the ability to respond to an emergency.

The AMPA of Villanueva del Pardillo cardioprotects the school with Life Wristbands

The Association of Mothers and Parents of Students (AMPA) of Villanueva del Pardillo, proposed the objective of acquiring a defibrillator device for school and training for 8 teachers, with the sale of "Life Wristbands" for 3 €.

Real Madrid Foundation gets free defibrillators

The Real Madrid tournament had a very special initiative. In the sports city of Real Madrid, some 20 mannequins have been arranged to carry out these training courses.

Ambassador Paula Vázquez

Paula Vazquez wanted to collaborate with us to help ANPA Beiramar, of the Valdoviño municipality. These are dedicated to the advice and support to the partners, parents of students of the CPI of Atios, in all matters related to the education of their children, mediation with the center and other instances directly or indirectly associated with the training of children. 

Free defibrillator with Lifeguard Bracelets IES School Molí del Sol

At the IES Molí del Sol, they worried about the cardioprotection of their students. Let us take into account that, outside the healthcare field, 80% of cardiac arrests occur, which amount to more than 30.000.

Free defibrillator with the Poeta Antón School Lifeguard Bracelets

In Cangas, the Poeta Antón school aims to become a cardioprotected space. To do this, they have to sell 1.500 bracelets, and thus, be able to get a defibrillator and a training for 8 people.


Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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