DEA defibrillators at Colegio Poeta Antón

Cardio school protection

Free defibrillator with the Poeta Antón School Lifeguard Bracelets

In Cangas, the Poeta Antón school aims to become a cardioprotected space. To do this, they have to sell 1.500 bracelets, and thus, be able to get a defibrillator and a training for 8 people.

The director of the school explains that the initiative came to them through a mother, who is a nurse, and proposed this proposal. The Cloister found it convenient to carry out this solidarity action, so they contacted the Association of Parents of Students (AMPA).

From the center they see it as a challenge, they believe that it will give them enormous satisfaction by becoming one of the few cardioprotected schools in Asturias. Thanks to the mother of that student, they launched the solidarity project to get their free defibrillator.

They began to spread the word in shops and bars in the area. The families of the students also acted as the speaker of this action. In 3 weeks they had sold more than 1.000 bracelets. Without any deadline on the head, since there is no hurry to reach the goal. Children love bracelets, the vast majority wear more than one. The different colors 6 make them, in addition to solidarity, collectible bracelets.

As the mother explains, in Spain 30.000 cardiac arrests occur every year, with a survival rate of less than 5%. And it's not just about saving life, but saving lives with the best prognosis. Almost 90% of cardiac arrests occur with ventricular fibrillation, so discharge is necessary.

Congratulations to this school!

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