DEA defibrillators at Colegio Molí del Sol

Cardio school protection

Free defibrillator with Lifeguard Bracelets IES School Molí del Sol

At the IES Molí del Sol, they worried about the cardioprotection of their students. Let us take into account that, outside the healthcare field, 80% of cardiac arrests occur, which amount to more than 30.000.

Its objective was to sell 600 bracelets, since the defibrillator amounts to a price of 1800 euros. To do this, they have no time limit. Everything will depend on the ability of the center to involve both parents of the students. As we are told in the video, this solidarity initiative was announced in the center through a mother.

Which saw a video of our initiative online. Indeed, just as you are doing. That's why we encourage you to participate, you see that becoming a cardioprotected space is easier than it seems. You simply need the support of the environment, and anyway, this is easy to achieve. Who does not want his son to be in a center where responsibility towards him prevails? It's no longer just about feeling safer, and feeling more secure as fathers, mothers or teachers. But it is a work of awareness, thinking about our future. One death every twenty minutes is enough to want to act and reverse this situation.

Congratulations to IES Molí del Sol for becoming a cardiosecure school!

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