DEA external defibrillator, portable defibrillation device, what is a defibrillator and what is it for, maintenance, regulations and training of defibrillators.
Impernor and Asbitra Asociados SL cardioprotected with DESA defibrillators
Innovation to save lives
Kit called 112
AFE delivers 617 defibrillators to football clubs
The Valencian Community forces to install defibrillators in public spaces, joining aa Andalusia, the Canary Islands, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Asturias and now Madrid
The Diputación de Castellón will activate 200 defibrillators and will train 2.000 people
The Construction Labor Foundation and the Lifesaving Project come together to fight against sudden death in the sector
The Private Foundation Pro Minusválidos Castell de Subirats, joins the Lifeguard Project
The Real Betis Balompié Foundation joins the Lifeguard Bracelets project
The History of Prince Takamado
The National Police is cardioprotected with the Lifeguard Project
Gyms McFit against sudden death
Children who know how to use a defibrillator
Madrid is committed to cardio protection and requires the installation of defibrillators
Madrid takes measures to improve the survival of its inhabitants and tourists
Medtronic Physiocontrol Lifepak CR Plus
Melià Hotels turns its hotels into cardioprotected spaces with defibrillators from the life-saving project
Sudden death in children due to the impact of a Commotio Cordis balloon
Regulation of Aragon on external defibrillators
Regulations of Castilla León on external defibrillators