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In this section you will find all the publications on our website regarding cardioprotection services in the Community of Madrid, all the news about defibrillators, cardioprotected spaces, events, facilities, updating of regulations and events. Here you can also find everything about the DEA defibrillator regulations of the Community of Madrid, here you can solve all your doubts or questions that may arise, through our contact forms. 

The Lifeguard Project has the central offices in the municipality of Coslada, from where we offer cardioprotection services to companies and entities throughout Madrid, we are a company specialized in defibrillators with official technical service, original spare parts, training with courses on how to use a defibrillator and SVB. In Madrid we have defibrillator maintenance services, consultancy on cardioprotected spaces and registration of defibrillators in the Community of Madrid, we also have methods to obtain free defibrillators with our Life Saving Bracelets or Cardiovending for companies.

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