Defibrillators Lleida

External defibrillators in Lleida, sale or renting of defibrillators in Lleida city and province

Services for defibrillators in Lleida, information on prices of external defibrillators, characteristics and approved models, training in Lleida on the use of a defibrillator, standardization and compliance with Catalan regulations on defibrillators, maintenance of defibrillators in the province of Lleida, we offer services of sale and installation of external defibrillators in Seu d'Urgell, Ponts, Mollerusa, Balaguer, Viella, and Solsona, we are a cardioprotection company in Lleida with maintenance of defibrillators and approved training on the use of external defibrillators.

External defibrillators in Lleida, sale, renting of automatic and semi-automatic defibrillators in Lleida province, maintenance and services for defibrillators in Seu d'Urgell, Ponts, Solsona, Mollerusa, Balaguer, Viella, and Solsona.
Catalan Delegation | Lifeguard Project
Delegation of Catalonia of the Lifeguard Project
Regulations on external defibrillators in Catalonia