Automatic and semi-automatic external defibrillators

These portable electronic devices, are devices that allow the reactivation of the heart at the time that they suffer a cardiorespiratory arrest, that is to say, it is commanded through a discharge of electric current, which goes directly to the heart through the chest wall, the same through some sensors that it has, it can send the discharge of electricity and at the same time manage to analyze the heart rate of the person during approximately 10 seconds, it is worth mentioning that before carrying out said download, it sends an informative message indicating that it has to be used, that is, the defibrillators diagnose, inform and then the person who is attending the patient decides what to do depending on the result of the device.

How does defibrillation work?

Defibrillation is the moment in which the defibrillators eject and transmit the electrical current in the thoracic cage and go directly to the cardiac muscle, this in order to avoid determining and avoiding different cases of cardiac arrhythmias.

Functions of defibrillators

1) Its main function and for what they were created as such, is to save lives in times where it is needed, and is that nowadays there are more and more cases with issues of cardiorespiratory arrest, that is why It is necessary to have on hand one of these defibrillators, which will allow you to save lives, of course while your use is correct and above all you know how to use it.

2) Achieves confidence in people, this happens in the areas of Cardioprotection, usually have these devices and therefore people feel comfortable and safe, because in case of any failure in the heart, you can get a another way to save lives.

3) Diagnose what is happening with the heart, is the first task as such that defibrillators do, and is that they first diagnose what is happening, and then inform the person who will use it, if necessary the electric shock to the patient or simply leave it like that because it is not necessary.

There is no doubt that these electric appliances were designed to preserve lives, and it is best that anyone can use it as long as he has a slight training or following the instructions in the manual, that is, it does not need to be a specialist to use said device. apparatus.

Automated and semi-automatic external defibrillators, everything related and published in the Project Salvavidas #desfibrillators
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