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public security

Cardioprotection & Public Safety
Firefighters, Security Bodies and Civil Protection

Agreements with public security bodies throughout Spain

We develop cardioprotection plans for public intervention bodies, agreements to equip defibrillators with public employees such as the Fire Department, Local Police, National Police, Civil Guard or Civil Protection, discounts and special offers in defibrillators, spare parts, services or in the purchase of medical equipment for emergencies.

APTB Convention for the cardioprotection of fire brigade bodies
Discounts in training and maintenance services
Personalized attention and courtesy equipment during incidents

Cardioprotected groups with Zoll Medical® defibrillators
Defibrillation and devices for medical emergencies

Electromedical equipment for Fire Bodies, Security Bodies, Local Police and Civil Protection, all for protection and resuscitation against sudden death in the activity and public safety interventions, agreements to promote public cardioprotection by expanding the number of defibrillators available in situations of emergency.