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Defibrillators & Cardioprotection

All our blog posts of the SalvaVidas Project have the objective or mission of informing, disseminating or raising awareness about the importance of installing external defibrillators in public and private spaces.

We publish articles on technical issues related to defibrillators such as batteries, expiration dates, technological innovation, events, legislation, a blog on cardioprotection of spaces.

All of our team from the SalvaVidas Project in Spain collaborates in this blog, we all decide that it is important to spread, whether it be a technical post, a message, clarification or reflection, a blog on medical issues around defibrillators and cardioprotected spaces.

In times of heat and holidays, people stop paying attention to cardiovascular risks and worry more about their vacation break. However, these dates also attract a type of


On July 2, a state subsidy was approved on the Balearic island of Ibiza so that taxi drivers can acquire a semi-automatic external defibrillator to carry it in your


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all our activity and current status in cardioprotection

All the news of the SalvaVidas Project in our News section, a space in which we will publish minute by minute all our activity around the cardio protection of public and private spaces.

Another community of neighbors in La Moraleja protects itself against sudden death by installing an AED defibrillator in the building, and training residents and owners in basic life support and


Institutional act of presentation and delivery of DEA defibrillators for the educational centers of Écija; el

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