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Cardioprotected basketball with AED defibrillators and CPR training

In Spain there are already many basketball courts that have installed defibrillators in their sports facilities, cardio thus protecting their players, coaches, workers and fans against sudden death.

Cardio protection against sudden death in sport

Among all sports, soccer is the most popular sport in the world with about 200 million people who play it. During an average match there are combinations of short duration sprints, high intensity runs, jumps, duels, changes of pace, changes of direction, reversing, and bouts of walking and standing.

The chain of survival on boats and ships at sea

Cardio safety on board vessels such as ferries, yachts, merchant ships, fishing and recreational vessels should include mandatory cardio protection equipment and training in CPR and use of the AED as part of the first aid kit and medical assistance on board.

Guide to CPR and defibrillator use in dental clinics - ILCOR 2021

During dental interventions, complications and medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest may occur. To put the reader in a situation, we make a brief explanation of what cardiopulmonary arrest is and how to reverse it.

What would your airline do if you went into cardiac arrest mid-flight?

Today, taking a plane is the preferred mode of transport for most people to travel long distances. Long flights are now much more common, increasing the chance of sudden cardiac arrest during flight. On many occasions, uninterrupted flight times can reach up to 16 hours in the cabin atmosphere.

Defibrillator for logistics companies and factories

The logistics management of companies has evolved over the years with the development of new technologies and processes. At first, it was just about organizing routes to move inventory.

Defibrillator equipment

Defibrillators are devices that are used to restore the heart's rhythm. These are emergency response devices that are used when someone suffers from cardiac arrest or cardiorespiratory arrest.

The link between heart disease and pollution

Excessive air pollution is a cardiovascular risk factor that can dramatically increase the likelihood of cardiorespiratory arrest.

Kun Agüero's arrhythmia

On October 30, during the football match between Alavés and FC Barcelona, ​​the culé footballer Kun Agüero withdrew from the game due to a chest discomfort.

Defibrillators in National Parks and high mountain shelters

National parks are places of peace and tranquility, but they are also popular destinations for tourists and locals. Park workers and visitors share a space, which like any other, is not exempt from heart accidents.


Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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