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World Heart Day: Habits for a healthy heart

On September 29, Heart Day is celebrated internationally. This year we have in the background the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused great havoc among people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Cardioprotected casinos with AED defibrillators and BLS training

In Spain, more than 24.500 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur each year. 85% of these stops are caused by ventricular fibrillation and more than 90% could be reversed if early defibrillation was performed, but if it is delayed, the chances of survival disappear.

World Beaches Day: Cardioprotecting them is also important

On September 18, the World Beach Day, an initiative that arose to raise awareness in the population about the conservation of marine spaces and the environment.

Cardioprotected hockey clubs with AED defibrillators and training

In Spain, there are already many hockey rinks that have installed defibrillators in their facilities, cardio protecting their players and coaches against sudden death.

AED defibrillators in cardioprotection spas at Spa & Wellness

A Spa or a Spa are good options to relax and release stress from our body. Even so, we must not forget that sudden death can be present anywhere and at any time.

DEA defibrillators at fairs and festivities

The defibrillator is the only electro-medical device capable of saving the life of a person who is in cardiorespiratory arrest and needs fibrillation; Fairs and major festivals are crowded spaces prone to someone suffering an episode of sudden death due to cardiorespiratory arrest.

Defibrillators in discos and nightclubs

It is becoming more and more common to find a Semiautomatic External Defibrillator installed in the different areas and entertainment venues of the city. This defibrillation device provides the necessary help to save the life of a person who is in cardiorespiratory arrest.

CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation

La cardiopulmonary resuscitationthe RCP, is an emergency sanitary technique that is used when we are faced with an unconscious and breathless victim. This technique is intended to ensure oxygenation of vital organs when a person's blood circulation stops.  

Aircraft defibrillators with cabin crew training

The rationale for carrying an AED defibrillator on board a passenger plane has been the subject of much debate at international aero medical meetings over the past decade.

The importance of the AED defibrillator in day care centers

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Many of those who die of a heart attack have no previous symptoms.


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