Saving lives since childhood

Many wonder about why children should learn to use a defibrillator? We have the ability to learn by saving lives.

From small we could get used to these devices, to begin with, it must be remembered that they understand ages at which learning is usually faster, and their ability to retain knowledge is much greater if they are awakened, and what better way to learn That saving lives. 

On the other hand, DESA DEA defibrillators could prevent more than 4.000 deaths from cardiorespiratory arrest, taking into account that they are so easy and simple to use that there will be no problem in children learning to use life-saving.

Why encourage children to learn to use a DESA defibrillator?

Children are the future of every society as the years and generations pass by, cardioprotection, the fact of being able to act saving lives, is being installed in the common conscience, in this way it falls to them the responsibility of continuing to develop this activity , Saving lives.

Defibrillators continue to multiply their availability in different public spaces, allowing people to continue saving lives, so it is necessary to expand the number of people able to use them including children. In addition, these devices are super simple to use, they have indications that show users the steps they must follow, so children are also capable of emergency actions and lifeguards.

CPR and use of DEA defibrillators in schools throughout Spain

Health specialists insist that all school-age students should receive this training and accompany it with instruction in CPR techniques. For those who do not know the CPR maneuvers are those that indicate that before a cardiac arrest, the first step is to call 112 and alert the health services. Until its intervention, at least 30 pressures on the patient's chest must be performed, with a depth of 4 to 5 centimeters. You have to request the defibrillator and activate it so that it evaluates, or not, if giving a discharge, it is a stage that can return the rhythm to a heart that has stopped beating and therefore, it is a moment where the device acts as a life saver .

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