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Madrid is committed to cardio protection and requires the installation of defibrillators

THE COMMUNITY OF MADRID LAUNCHES NEW REGULATIONS ON DEFIBRILLATORS The Decree regulates the installation and use of external defibrillators outside the hospital setting, creating a Registry of defibrillators.

The «digestion cut» does not exist | First aid

How does it not exist? My grandmother and even my mother used to tell me: «Child waits two hours after the meal before bathing, otherwise it will give you a digestion cut ». 

The History of Prince Takamado

Prince Takamado was the emperor's nephew and one of the most popular and respected men of the imperial family. He was also the honorary president of the Japanese Football Association.

Cardioprotection of hotels | Defibrillators for hotels

Good location, comfortable mattresses, parking, breakfast included, gym, wifi; There are many things in which we look at the web of a hotel before choosing the place to spend our vacations. 

Lifeguard Project receives the Gold Star for Professional Excellence

The Institute for Professional Excellence delivers the coveted Golden Stars in Madrid.

Asturias Defibrillator Regulations

New Regulations in Asturias on the management of defibrillators

Since the last 28 in September, many entities of the Principality of Asturias are obliged to have defibrillators and trained personnel to use them in their facilities. 

Dechoker the anti-choking device | First aid

We have all witnessed a choking of greater or lesser importance on some occasion, and although it is normal for them to resolve themselves without major problems, sometimes we do not feel prepared to react or we do not know very well what we should do.

Testimony "I saved my brother's life" with a defibrillator

The month of August we all hope to rest, relax and have a quiet or exciting holiday but without setbacks, however sometimes life surprises us as happened to Alberto M., who wanted to share his testimony with us.

We talk about allergies | First aid

El Ministry of Health define the allergy as a special susceptibility of some people that causes them to respond in an exaggerated way to one or more external elements.


There are products that are essential in any home or business, but sometimes, until there is a need, we do not realize it.


Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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