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La Salle Franciscanas de Zaragoza School becomes a Cardioprotected Space

We have completed a recycling course at this school in Zaragoza. More specifically about SVB and use of defibrillator.

It is always comforting to see how entities that are dedicated to education bet on this kind of training. In our opinion, education in these types of cardioprotected spaces should start from the smallest. They have to see the defibrillator in its center and not be surprised, see it as another tool, just like a fire extinguisher.

School workers are very involved in providing security and peace of mind, both to parents and students. Let us take into account the danger that children face before issues such as choking, which can lead to death if it is not remedied.

Zaragoza School 

A few days ago, we saw how in another school, a young man suffered a stop while doing the education class. Luckily, they were able to practice quality CPR and remained stable. But there were complaints from the population about the lack of defibrillators in the center.

From Project Lifeguard we see a mandatory, both the installation of defibrillators and the training in SVB and its use. For this reason, we have solidarity campaigns, through which cardioprotected spaces can be created for free. We leave you the link of both formulas, in addition, of the options of renting, renting and buying:

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It is everyone's job to raise awareness about this issue. We cannot allow a death every 28 minutes. Together we save lives!

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