Another school gets a free defibrillator and training in SVB

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Life bracelets give the opportunity to acquire a defibrillator for free to a center in Asturias

Another school gets a free defibrillator and training in SVB

Last October 17, from Lifeguard Project, we take a course of Basic vital support, which lasted for 6 hours. All this, thanks to the solidarity initiative “Life Bracelets ”, which allows to get a free defibrillator.

It was taught at the "El Bosquín" Public School, located in El Entrego - Asturias. Within the Asturian council of San Martín del Rey Aurelio, it is the largest urban center.

According to a study by the Vall d'Hebrón hospital, in which 3.000 people participated, the following conclusion was reached:

84,2% of people had heard of sudden death (64,5% in the media), but only 36,1% would identify cardiorespiratory arrest as "not responding and not breathing normally." 13,8% of respondents had ever witnessed a cardiorespiratory arrest and less than 7% stated that they had performed CPR maneuvers (being non-health personnel). What this study shows us is that sudden death is a very frequent problem and if we take measures and the population will take measures to learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers, we would increase the number of people with a good neurological prognosis. 


This public school has been able to give importance to early defibrillation and quality chest compressions, as a strategy to increase survival in the event of a cardiorespiratory arrest. As we have explained in this course, it is necessary that the chest is compressed at least 5 centimeters deep and not more than 6 centimeters. The frequency to perform them is 100 and 120 per minute. This implies a practical class, necessary in this type of training. We have dolls through which to practice. In addition, we work with the best defibrillators in the market, from the Zoll brand. These defibrillators indicate, through a pressure gauge, the quality of our compressions. Also, they indicate the rate at which we have to execute these chest compressions.


The fact of giving schools the ability to get a free defibrillator and a SVB training and use of the defibrillator is vitally important. Keep in mind that schools are the ideal place to teach these maneuvers and create a culture of cardioprotection that will help us in the future.

Like road safety workshops, and even in some colleges They are school subjects. From Project Lifeguard, we believe that CPR teaching should be established in school curricula.

Some examples of participation in this solidarity initiative:

Many are the schools that think they cannot access a defibrillator or the creation of a cardioprotected space within their facilities. From Project Lifeguard, we were aware of this need for funding, and for this reason we decided to help schools to receive a free defibrillator and a Basic Life Support training course. Our training courses in first aid y defibrillation, are taught by highly qualified professionals in emergency medicine, emergencies, anesthesology, intensive care, pedagogy and psychology.

Our training has the support and approval of various scientific societies and national and international institutions. 

How do I participate in this project?

To participate in this solidarity project, you just need to feel like it. We send you the life-saving bracelets and displays for your advertising. We also offer you a guide on how to act to make the campaign more effective. In addition, we will help you if you send us photos, since we will publish them on our social networks. Where we have more than 50.000 followers.

The center, together with its students, would be in charge of selling the bracelets for a price of € 3 (we send them completely free) The shipment will be done gradually, depending on its sale.

Once the requested bracelets are sold, they will have the option to choose their reward. Being 800 bracelets the necessary to become a cardioprotected space.

Which includes a comprehensive cardioprotection service.

Who can benefit from this initiative?

Any entity where cardiac arrest may occur. In places where the number of people traveling is high or where many people live, it is highly advisable to have this type of device, to avoid any risk and have the ability to act quickly in the first minutes.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us: 900 670 112