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Aggregates protect your heart

The aggregates sector will install 40 rescue points in its quarries and graverays, with semi-automatic defibrillators

This action will protect more than 1.500 workers, and it is estimated to train more than 150 workers in the use of these equipment.

During the months of October and November of 2019, Arigal, an association that represents more than 90% of quarries and the production of arid gravel in Galicia, together with, Project Salvavidas, a company specializing in cardioprotection, will install 40 rescue points in their extraction centers, including a semi-automatic defibrillator, the elements necessary for resuscitation and training of workers in the extraction centers where it is installed.

The action aims to convert the largest number of extractive work centers in the sector into cardioprotected spaces, to train their workers, as well as to raise awareness about the entire sector, workers, managers and society in general.

It should be noted that this training of workers and help in the workplace for this type of activities, this type of DESA equipment are increasingly implemented in shopping centers, sports centers, shows, etc.

According to the latest studies in the Galician mining sector, and more specifically in the arid sector, 15% of the more than 3.000 direct and indirect workers are over 55 years old. This is an important risk factor in cardiovascular accidents, the leading cause of death worldwide according to the World Health Organization, along with sedentary lifestyle and the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

“In Spain, 30.000 cardiac stops occur every year, with a survival rate of less than 5%. In addition, 80% of these happen outside the hospital environment. With this information in mind, we are talking about the fact that in our country, one person dies by cardiac arrest every 28 minutes. Hence the importance in raising awareness in cardioprotection and in the training of people in Basic Life Support and use of defibrillator. ” Comment Marco Antonio, Operations Director of Lifeguard Project, company in charge of protecting these spaces.

Despite the fact that quarries and gravels are not spaces with a large influx of people, throughout the year, between direct and indirect workers, the number of people who cross it is not less, and public access to defibrillation It is essential to overcome a death.

Currently, no more than 7 work centers in the sector have this type of equipment, in larger companies, with security policies implemented, such as OSHAS, or the new ISO 45001. Therefore, ARIGAL intends to transfer the experience of these centers, the rest of the work centers in the sector, mainly formed by SMEs, which do not have resources for these actions. The format used in previous actions will be replicated, such as last year in the campaign for the implementation of zero accident policies, where we "learn" from the companies with this type of actions developed, and we transfer and help SMEs their experience.

Other recent examples of cardioprotection of construction companies is the company of apartment renovations Barcelona with the acquisition of equipment and training for its use. 

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