The CEIP Quenxe de Corcubión will have a defibrillator by the beginning of next year

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The school has raised the sales objectives of our solidarity initiative "Life Bracelets", through which you can finance the acquisition of a defibrillator with the sale of bracelets of the brand Kukuxumusu.

Raquel Blanco, Treasurer of ANPA Alén, has expressed her satisfaction at the great reception of solidarity that the proposal has had between the members of the school community of Corcubión and the rest of the population of the region. The idea, says Blanco, a health professional, emerged after a proposal to ANPA Alén to convert the school site into a Cardioprotected Space, for this, they decided to opt for our solidarity initiative, which guarantees that, through the sale of bracelets by 3 euros, schools can have a defibrillator and teachers trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

As the Treasurer of the ANPA Alén emphasizes "all educational centers should have a defibrillator and teachers with knowledge in Resuscitation, because sudden death is avoidable", reasons why it encourages all schools in the region to join this initiative .

Burela 061, key piece

Blanco highlights the crucial role developed by Burela's 061, whom he went to manage the entire bracelet acquisition process and, as he points out, with the advantage of having achieved conditions that improve the initial offer of the Lifeguard initiative itself. "There are several packs," he says, "the most basic is the sale of 400 bracelets and they give you a defibrillator, but we opted for the 800 bracelets (which with the mediation of Burela's 061, stayed in 620) to opt for to the top pack, which includes defibrillator, showcase, homologation, cardio-resuscitation training and use of the defibrillator for 8 people and a Cardioprotected Space plate, "he says.

Each one contributes according to their possibilities

One of the points that the project promoter wishes to highlight is that, although the initiative involves the sale of 5 bracelets per student, each member of the school community has been given total freedom to sell the number they could or would like. "Some sold 5 and others 70, the important thing is to have achieved the goal." And so much that they have achieved it, in fact, now it remains only to receive the amount in constant and sound euros of the distributed bracelets and, in short, "possibly at the beginning of next year", the defibrillator will already be in the CEIP Praia de Quenxe de Corcubion

Spare parts for patches and batteries

But the thing will not end here, because, as Blanco indicates, the idea is to sell more bracelets to have spare parts for patches and batteries so that, "in case something happens, we always have the defibrillator in perfect operating conditions."

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