Normative Change in Euskadi on the use of defibrillators

The past 4 of February of 2015 was published in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country, it is publicized that Decree 9 / 2015 of the January 27 through which, finally, the use of external defibrillators is regulated, becoming obligatory to install them in rooms with certain characteristics, as a large part of the Basque Country has been claiming since last February of 2014 unfortunately died. the player of the Tolosa Urtzi Gurrutxaga.

This Decree emphasizes the obligation to place it in certain places such as large commercial establishments and other facilities, without forgetting the register of registration in the Community, the registration of withdrawal and the obligation also to communicate its use to the competent authorities.

We already have a large number of satisfied customers in Euskadi who wished to protect their facilities before legislation forced them to do so, as well as a large number of schools have joined and obtained their defibrillator through the sale of bracelets, showing once again as society becomes aware of this need to help save lives.

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