Innovation to save lives

Innovation and development of new technologies to save lives, new technologies open up a world of applications to be explored.

The SalvaVidas Project and technological innovation around defibrillation

Technology adapted to save lives becomes innovation, innovation encompasses many aspects, is reinventing what already exists to create a new concept. From the SalvaVidas project we work to develop new devices that help save as many more lives better.

New technologies have opened a wide range of possibilities when it comes to innovating and developing devices capable of improving the cardiorespiratory arrest. We have engineers, technicians and programmers capable of providing technological solutions such as the automatic call to the telephone of health emergencies or drones as a way to get a defibrillator in a short space of time.

Terminal connected to the emergency service to make the call to the 112 at the time of cardiac arrest

The development of a device capable of making a call to the 112 in the case of using the defibrillator in the event of cardiac arrest. Terminal that moves next to the defibrillator, allows to speak with the doctor in front of the victim. Call the 112 health emergency coordinator by pressing a single SOS button. Our terminal calls the Emergency Medical Service 112, talking directly with a health worker. An innovative device that is easy to install, compatible with all external defibrillators on the market. This device offers integrated geolocation. The connection terminal complies with current regulations.

Our 112 Connection Service includes: Terminal, line, connection and maintenance. Our terminal adapts to all defibrillators in the market.

Transportation of defibrillators with drones for geolocated deliveries

DRON service for emergency and first aid activities, service by days, week, month, including approved pilot and aeronautical permits. Possibility of acquisition of DRON adapted to the need and training of approved pilots.

Available services:

DRON WITH DEFIBRILLATOR (Includes Defibrillator)

DRON SALVAMENTO ACUATICO (Includes Can, Vest or Hoop launched by DRON)

DRON SURVEILLANCE (Maritime, fires etc.)

DRON EMERGENCIES (For access to remote places)

Services offered within the regulations in force, in some cases due to the regulations the DRON can not fly over certain places.

The main advantages of the LIFE DRON are:

1 Less response time

2 Access to ski areas

3 Access to places where a person can be put in danger

In a few seconds, for example, you can:

1 Take a defibrillator to a distant place in a very short time

2 Send a vest, can or ring to a person in the sea in seconds

3 Send emergency items to people in remote places or mountains

4 Bring emergency products or urgent medicines to ships

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