Mission & Vision - The SalvaVidas project

We are the main initiative of cardioprotection in Spain, defibrillators for cardioprotected spaces

El Lifeguard Project we are the main cardioprotection initiative in Spain with more than 15.000 cardioprotected entities. The purpose is to place our country at the height of cardioprotection in other European countries.

As cardiorpotección means the installation of external defibrillators in the largest number of entities, the maintenance of the same, the placement of signage and showcases for its correct location, training in Basic Life Support and use of the defibrillator, the adequacy and registration of defibrillators demanded by the different Autonomous Communities.

El Lifeguard Project we work the cardioprotection of 3 different ways:

1. Direct marketing through renting o sale of defibrillators and all the elements that make up cardioprotection

2. Solidarity campaigns such as life-saving bracelets and cardio vending, for the cardioprotection of entities with resources or adjusted budgets.

3. Through agreements with partners such as risk prevention companies where we manage all the cardioprotection of their clients.

El Lifeguard Project We are official importer of ZOLL (USA) main brand of external automatic defibrillators worldwide, discoverer among others of the brand steps and distributor of different brands to suit all types of customers.

Approved training in all the autonomous communities

The Salvavidas Project offers training directly by being approved in all the autonomous communities with regulations regarding the training in defibrillators. All the training material is own, books, brochures, cards ... and we register at no additional cost to the students in the different autonomous communities. Likewise and for free we support our online course for free to all our customers.

El Lifeguard Project performs actions, events and dissemination on the importance of external defibrillators of public and private spaces, through our social networks you can find a lot of information, we have more than 60.000 followers.

The Lifeguard Project It is a social initiative that aims to raise the awareness of non-health professionals of the importance of having a healthier life, of the need to learn techniques of resuscitation and first aid, as well as achieve a greater implantation of semiautomatic defibrillators.

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A semiautomatic defibrillator (AED) or automatic defibrillator (AED) can be used by anyone with a minimum of training. In countries of our environment are present in all public and private buildings with an influx of more than 100 people per day.

The Lifeguard Project it is focused in a popular way, using very direct and fun images and systems in order to turn prevention and cardioprotection into everyday matters, something that non-health-care people can easily learn and apply.

The Lifeguard Project It has self-financing tools such as Life-saving Bracelets, elements that make cardioprotection systems something of all, something where members of a club, school, association, federation or company participate.

Distributors / Partners of medical devices and devices for resuscitation

The Lifeguard Project
It is also aimed at companies that want to be distributors of our medical emergency products: external defibrillators DEA and DESA, showcases, under glass cases, oxygen therapy suitcases, first aid kits, tents, manual defibrillators for hospital use, automatic CPR devices, medical devices.

Business Collaboration Form, Distributors & Partners

We are distributors of medical devices and we are looking for Partners in Spain

Form to open a communication channel about possible business collaborations or become a Partner of the SalvaVidas Project. If you want more information on how to distribute our medical devices and products please fill out this contact form and as soon as possible a member of our Staff will contact you to continue the contact in a personalized way.

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