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Laces by external defibrillators

Generates donations for the acquisition of a defibrillator

Life cords

Solidarity with the life cords, give laces and donate the amount for the acquisition of a defibrillator.

Get a defibrillator through the solidarity of your community 

All Life cords will help you raise the amount needed to redeem for defibrillatorstraining y emergency products. And if you can not sell all the cords (something that has never happened), you can exchange the proceeds for many emergency products or minimize the investment.

Designed by Liaflex with a price of 5 euros marked on each pack. They incorporate barcode.

How does the solidarity cordon modality of the SalvaVidas Project work?

Participating is very easy:

  • 1º Download the catalog with the request of laces and send it to us completed.
  • 2º When you receive them, distribute them among your collaborators, workers, volunteers ... for sale.
  • 3º Once sold, exchange the collection for defibrillators, approved courses, emergency materials ...

Organize an event, involve parents, athletes ... and you will have the support of our Communication department to inform the local media that your club, association, school, etc. participate in the project to save lives. With the laces you will receive the certificate of participation.

Cheer up, it does not require any previous investment.

"A cardiac arrest can happen to any person, anytime and anywhere."

Download the catalog of lThe LifeLines HERE


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Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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