Solidarity bracelets by defibrillators

Solidarity bracelets that save lives, Kukuxumusu y el Lifeguard Project. Together we can with everything.

Get a free defibrillator through the solidarity of your community 

Life-saving Bracelets will help you raise the amount needed to redeem for defibrillatorstraining y emergency products. And if you do not manage to sell all the bracelets (something that has never happened), you can exchange the collection for many products emergencies or minimize investment. Solidarity bracelets designed by Kukuxumusu with a price of 3 € marked on each pack., they incorporate barcode.

How does the solidarity bracelets mode of the SalvaVidas Project work?

Participating is very easy:

  • 1º Download the catalog with the wristband request and send it to us.
  • 2º When you receive them, share them among your employees, workers, volunteers ... for sale.
  • 3º Once sold, it exchanges the collection for defibrillator without economic investment, approved courses, emergency material ...

Download the catalog Life-saving Bracelets HERE 


Organize an event, involve parents, athletes and the citizens of your locality, and get a free defibrillator, you will have the support of our communication department to let the local media know that your club, association, educational center or sporty. Participate in the project to save lives. Lifesavers with bracelets will receive a certificate of participation.

Cheer up, it does not require any previous investment. "A cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere."


Answers to frequently asked questions:


1º. There is no time limit for salewe only ask for security that the collected part is entered every two months.

2º. There is no obligation to sell, You can stop the campaign when you decide, enter the collected part, return the unsold wristbands and access other products ..

3º. You do not have to pay anything regardless of the collection of the bracelets, VAT, shipping etc. .. this all inclusive

4º. we will send you different designs and colors, designed by Kukuxumusu

5º. The campaign has no end, request more wristbands to get more cardioprotected spaces, there are schools that have got 4

6º. Bracelets incorporate a information brochure that indicates the price in addition to the CE seal and barcode, they are packed one by one and in the back you can write the name of the parents, telephones or any message you want.

7º. The wristbands will arrive in our Salvavidas Project box with exhibitors and posters, we will also offer you a guide on how to act to make the campaign more effective

8º. If you participate you will be able to use our images, videos and merchandising material, communicate to parents and the media the participation, send us photos and we will post them on our social networks with more than 50.000 followers


Defibrillators for free with the Life Bracelets solidarity campaign

Remember that for those places with a lot of public such as discos, concert halls, museums, fairgrounds, pharmacies etc. We recommend selling the bracelet to 3 Euro, you will have to sell many more but you can associate it with an entry or the sale of a product. Talk to your suppliers, surely you can give the bracelet if your customers buy several products of a brand.


Do you have the sound of your activated device? listen to Paula Vázquez 



Who can get a defibrillator for free?

A school, an educational center, a gym, a sports club, a town hall, a community of neighbors ... There are many places where cardiac arrest can occur and given the number of people who visit or reside in these places, it is highly advisable to have a defibrillator to avoid risks and act quickly.

If your child goes to a center without a defibrillator or works for a town hall that does not have one, you can call 900 670 112 or contact us by mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To see how to get it, our partner Sara will be happy to assist you and explain everything.


Form to request information Bracelets SalvaVidas & Solidaridad

Free external defibrillators

Form for the request of information or query of doubts about the SalvaVidas Bracelets, Solidarity cords and Operation Squid. If you want more information on how to obtain a defibrillator free of charge for cardioprotection of public or private spaces. Life-saving bracelets are a solidary formula for cardioprotective schools, cultural centers, sports facilities, sports clubs, companies and a long etcetera of spaces with solidarity bracelets.

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