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Defibrillators in educational centers

Formula to obtain a solidary defibrillator

Operation Squid

Solidarity with the Squid Operation of the Lifeguard Project, objective: Cardio protect Educational Centers, Colleges, Institutes and Universities.

Solidarity defibrillators by SalvaVidas bracelets

Sudden death is a problem of the first magnitude that a year takes the life of more than 65000 people in Spain. The existence of semiautomatic defibrillators for non-health personnel in public places, as well as training in the basic techniques of cardiopulmonary recovery, would save more than 6000 per year. To reach this goal the defibrillator must arrive in the first minutes 4.

The Lifeguard Project is a social initiative that aims to raise the awareness of the NO sanitary of the importance of having a healthier life, of the need to learn techniques of resuscitation and first aid, as well as achieving a greater implantation of semi-automatic defibrillators. A semi-automatic defibrillator can be used by anyone with a minimum of training.

In countries of our environment are present in all public and private buildings with an influx of more than 100 people per day. The Lifeguard Project is focused in a popular way, using very direct and fun images and systems in order to convert prevention and cardioprotection into everyday issues, something that NON-health care is easy to apply and apply.

The Lifeguard Project has self-financing tools such as "Life-saving Bracelets", elements that make cardioprotection systems something of everyone, something where the members of a club, school, association, federation or company participate.

Operation Calamar for educational centers, defibrillators for nurseries, colleges and universities

Objectives of Operation Squid in Educational Centers:

Make the educational center cardioprotected space with the installation of defibrillator, showcase and RCP algorithm with the steps of the survival chain.

Help raise money to students who receive the course to allocate to the study trip or acts approved by the school.

The following years or for schools that already have defibrillators, Operation Squid will allocate more amount of the collection to the activity authorized by the school or study trip.

Train teachers in Basic Life Support according to current legislation in each Autonomous Community (optional).

Included in the campaign educational centers, training in basic life support for teachers of the educational center.

According to the community, the course lasts between 6 and 12 hours and is taught to a group of 8 professors. It is an official course, approved by the autonomous community and has credits.

1 Request the pack of the bracelets, posters.

2 Distribute the bracelets among the students of the course who will carry out the promotion (it is advisable to make a list with the student / bracelets delivered).

3 Collect the collection of the bracelets and enter it into the Lifeguard Project (in the case of the Pack remember, DO NOT enter the part associated with the AMPA.

4 Receive the products of Operation Squid and the courses and turn your center into a Cardioprotected Space and the students into Bronze Squids *.


Download the catalog Operation Squid HERE


- 1 participation certificate for the educational center

- 10 posters campaign

- 1000 life-saving bracelets to 3 euro unit each pack With your sale you get

- 1.000 Euros for AMPA


Registration on sos-112 and desaonline websites, products covered by specific liability insurance for defibrillators and training.


- 1 participation certificate for the educational center

- 500 life-saving bracelets to 3 euro unit each pack

With its sale you get

- 500 Euros for AMPA

- 1 Teacher Course

Registration on sos-112 and desaonline websites, products covered by specific liability insurance for defibrillators and training. Delivery of diploma in the course to students.

Find out how to participate by downloading our catalog of Operation Squid, where the process to be followed is explained in more detail.

Cheer up, it does not require any previous investment.


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Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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