Project Lifeguard was born, more than 10 years ago, with the idea of ​​being able to cardio-insure all possible people. We have always been in need of helping others, and this is reflected through our concern to train as many people as possible and with the goal that we all have a defibrillator less than 1 minute away.

Success stories | Lifeguard Project
Lifeguard bracelets in schools, sports clubs and entities

In this section we will gather the success stories of the centers that have managed to be cardiosecure thanks to our “Liferace Bracelets” initiative. This solidarity project allows access to a defibrillator and everything that involves a comprehensive cardioprotection service can be obtained without the financial outlay.

The awareness work carried out in children is essential. Gradually associate the defibrillator with a tool in emergency situations, such as a fire extinguisher. Generating that interest and awakening in them that curiosity can guarantee us a more cardiosecure future.

We leave you some example of participants who have had a remarkable diffusion.

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